About Us

Indicosmic Capital Private Limited

The past few years, this world has witnessed a change in how we do things. Today every product, every service, every business is relying on technology on every stage.

Indicosmic Capital Private Limited (ICPL), was established in 2016 with the same idea. To be the leader in providing wide range of financial solutions under one roof on a techno platform. Our firm belief in information technology as a tool to enhance the efficiency of business process which has driven the company to keep pace with global developments. We have an immense experience in technical planning, re-structuring operations, marketing, and resource management. We know the importance of harnessing the power of data provided to us so that we can make smarter decisions, inspire breakthrough discoveries and forge deeper connections. From the demands of a large business to individual users, our portfolio of products and solutions are tailored to meet this challenge. As you’d expect from an industry-leader, we never stop researching and seeking innovative solutions. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed when we provide them with innovative products and services thus, our bucket includes wealth management, mutual funds, stock trading, extended warranties and IT services.

ICPL isn’t just expert and friendly service (though that’s part of it). It’s the result of a complex business process that we’ve refined for 12 months. Our industry-leading service level agreements guarantee exceptional reliability and uptime. We’re driven to exceed your expectations, to always have your back, and to serve as full partners in your success.